by Incarceration



„It feels like we synthesized in half an hour the suffering and pain of a whole life. The songwriting lasted six years, and there you have a 'best of' of our most killer riffs and our most extreme feelings unleashed through pure death metallic spiritual regurgitation. The goal was to wash our souls and our past through extreme art, extreme music. That’s what we mean with ‘Catharsis’ - you’ll understand when you listen to it. This release is dedicated to you Diehards into the fastest and most frenetic riffs of earlier Slayer, Sepultura, Repugnant, Repulsion, Excoriate, Dark Angel and so on (you know what I mean). For those who already saw us live, know our EP Sacrifice or at least have heard songs like Forsaken and Forgotten you know what to expect: nothing less than an overdose of pure merciless killer death metal devastation, pushed to level 666! Chaos!!!!!“


released October 23, 2016



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Incarceration Hamburg, Germany

Daniel Silva 'Duracell': Vocals/Guitar
Björn Freese: Bass
Michael Koch: Drums


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Track Name: Evoking The Possession
Burning flesh! Infernal mayhem!
Eclipse of life! Devouring chaos!
Screaming demons, infesting fire,
Merciless fever I desire!!!

Raising hell to break the chains!
Sadism burn my veins!
Come evil fiend of light!
Bring all the darkness might!!!

Evoking the Possession!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Evoking the Possession!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bounded to the unlight, liberation lust storms the night!
Heretical entity! Awaking inside of you and me!
Invocation!!! Liberation!!! Through hell’s, through hell’s fire!!!
Track Name: Infernal Suffering
All day chaos, all day hell!
There’s no one to unchain your head!
Hope is gone! Merciless truth! Burning on! No salvation!!!

I cannot live, I cannot breathe!
Enchained soul, enchained path!
Enslaved corpse! Blind decay! Filthy void! Desperation!!!

Retaliation!!! Against lowlife!!!
Repudiation!!! Pain undisguised!!!
Atrocious visions!!! Your evil grows!!!
Falling!!! Burning!!! Inhuman ghouls!!!

Infernal Suffering!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Infernal Suffering!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Screaming demons for obliteration!
Screaming demons for my purification!!!!!
Track Name: Chaos and Blasphemy
Riding storms, facing fate, unholiest is the night!!
Beyond the will, beyond the gates, a journey through the dark and light!!
Genesis in darkness! Invisible landscapes!
Snakes and ghouls, meaningless life, no tomorrow, all my hate to

Chaos!!!!! To destroy!!!! I burn!!!! No salvation!!!!!

Exaltation!!! Euphoric madness!!!
Worshipping moments, chaos echoes, I am mine my will is restless!!
Enchained to freedom! To eight arrows of eternal pain!
I leave behind! Embrace the chains! Reborn in flames! I raise hell again!

Chaos!!!!! Destroy!!!! I burn!!!!!!! No salvation!!!!!!!

Chaos!!!! Blasphemy!!!!!!!! Fucking chaos!!!!!!
Chaos and Blasphemy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chaos!!!! Destroy!!! Beyond!!! All creations!!!!
I burn!!! Your truth!!!! No!!!! No salvation!!!!!
Track Name: Obsessed by Death
Pandemonic hunger, blood boiling euphoria!
Limitless violence - hunting chaos to survive!
Rising decadence, agony of the earth!
Bestial evocation, sacrifice of the unborn!

Unleashing all malevolence!!!!!!!!!!!
Cursing chaos on mankind!!!!!!!!!!

Everlasting blackness, fuck the holy fuck the fate!
Sadistic exaltation, profanation of the messiah!

Unleashing all malevolence!!!!!!!
Mayhemic legions side by side!!!!!!
Raising flames of pestilence!!!!!!
Cursing chaos on mankind!!!!!!!!!!!

Obsessed by Death!!!!!!!!
Obsessed by Death!!!!!!!!!
Obsessed by Death!!!!!!!!!
Obsessed by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Death!!!!!!!!!

Obsessed by Death, heretic unholy rite!
Killing, dying, everlasting pestilence!
Infinital blackness – endless flesh annihilation!
Visions of the most inspiring evil!!!!!! Chaos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!